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About Us

From the moment our doors first opened in February 2011, Afghan Shifa Hospital has grown to become an example of great things that can happen when a hospital is owned and operated by a team of caring people. Our 20-Bed with VIP, Private, general and semi-private Rooms hospital has Become a facility that provides high quality care and is a leader in patient satisfaction. We have about 260 patients from all departments in 24 hours We are proud to offer an array of primary care and specialty services that allows you to stay in your own county with the family we invite you to learn more about our highly skilled staff and advanced technology as we work to serve our community with compassion and commitment.


Health is vital for all of us, and afghan Shifa Hospital with Trained staff and advance machinery working day and night for improving the Health of individual and family. ASH will be recognized both at the capital and national level as a leader in modern healthcare in the areas of technology, quality and service – and our employees are the reason. Therefore investing in our employees and potential future employees makes good sense. In order to build upon our success and to meet the growing service demands in the future ASH is committed to being a leader in providing quality and patient – centered care. We do this in various ways. We also allow our new employees to get clinical experience alongside our experienced employees in their respective areas. If you have been inside the walls of the hospital or in one of our clinical departments you may have encountered a unique environment with smiles on the faces of all our staff always willing to help and serve you. We believe ASH and the quality of the care you receive is better as a result . We believe it is essential to our future success to prepare people and investing in their education and continuous training is a win – a win our employees a win for the hospital and most importantly a win for our patients.
Sincerely yours,
Dr Yar Baz Hamidi

Mission Statement

The mission of Afghan Shifa Hospital is to be an integral component of the communities we serve through the delivery of personal, compassionate, quality health care in a dignified manner that values our patients- Clients and residents who are the very reason for our existence.

The Vision For ASH

Be the pre-eminent healthcare provider in Afghanistan Delivering Excellent Quality care Exceptional Customer Service A Patient centered approach to health care A safe clean and positive work environment ASH epitomizes what a patient focused Hospital symbolizes by listening to and responding to what the patients want by gibing the ethical and true care .

The Vision For ASH

Afghan Shifa Hospital uses a variety of best practices to continuously improve patient care and outcomes we are our own toughest critics : Physicians and staff rigorously evaluate patient outcomes and patient satisfaction surveys to make sure we are delivering standard setting care. And since we are patient focused we have unique freedom and flexibility to quickly institute changes that will improve the quality of care. We responsibly embrace new technologies once there is sufficient medical evidence of their effectiveness to maintain our objectivity and focus on you we refuse any financial interests in the drug and instrument industry “our highly experienced staff shares a singular focus on caring for you” From our technicians to our receptionists everyone at ASH is devoted exclusively to patient care and understands teamwork. We love to be here and work to understand your needs. That explains why we routinely get exceptionally positive feedback from our patients about the difference our staff make in their care experiences it’s all about the nurses and support staff and having enough of each to give you the care you need to recover. We purposefully keep our patient to staff ratio low so that there is time to take care of the details that make care at ASH exceptional To us there are few things as powerful as your satisfaction with both your outcome and the care you received along the way. until you or a loved one has experienced care at our hospital it may be difficult to appreciate how strong a fiber patient care is in the fabric of ASH .

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Our Services

Afghan Shifa Hospital (ASH) is a holistic treatment facility offering a complete range of medicine and surgical services inpatient and outpatient procedures diagnostic and rehabilitation services Trauma care Everything we do is done the ASH way with a special focus on you

Surgical Specialties

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About Specialties/Departements

About Specialties/Departemet.

Medicine Specialties

Medicine Specialties

  • The cornerstone of ASH the internal Medicine department. it is the main driving force bhind multi- treatment plans and helps other departments formulate one overall management plan for patients . The more complex the case the more involved this department must become It is involved in the preparative care of virtually any patient who must undergo a procedure for a medical condition whether major of minor.

  • ASH offers comprehensive services in the gastroenterology department with the help of qualified and experienced consultants and technical support staff. It has earned a good name in providing quality care in the short span of time winning referrals from our satisfied patients and their families

  • The department of pediatrics & neonatology had been stared with the start of the hospital managed by foreign qualified consultants with qualification in pediatric care Management. The department receives patients through the outpatient clinic emergency room and delivering department

  • ASH provides the best cardiologists in Afghanistan available daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm with foreign trained cardiology consultants . The cardiology department offers “same day appointments” where the patient can see one of our cardiology consultants have all their cardiac investigation done on the same day, receive the test results and see the cardiologist one more time at the end of the day to check the tests and investigations and hand the diagnosis and treatment recommendations to the patient. We also offer an extensive cardiac rehabilitation program for patients who have undergone cardiac procedures from exercise to diet our consultant will make sure you learn and Practice all that’s Need to keep your heart healthy

  • The neurology department in ASH is ready to deal with all critical neurological presentation specially strokes using the evidence base neurological guidelines. We receive critically ill neurological patients (including status epilepticus, migraine, myasthenic crisis,etc) With excellent follow up program in outpatient clinic neurology clinic service is available 6 days a week. We provide our patients with excellent management and care and we work hard to achieve these goals.

  • ASH honored to have the best pulmonology services in the country through the expertise dedication and sincere desire to help others, we have become nationally known. The cases range from diagnostic to therapeutic bronchoscopy. ASH staff keeps up to date on the latest evidence and guidelines.

Surgical Specialties

Surgical Specialties

  • The obstetrics & gynecology department started serving our community in February 2011 with 4 qualified and experienced gynecologists. All these members share the same idea f how to give the best service for females to provide them with better and easier life conditions throughout their adolescence child bearing and menopausal periods.

  • With the latest technology the department of ophthalmology at ASH offers quality eye care services . The department also includes a preparatory clinic equipped with the latest technology that meets the international standards of eye care.

  • General surgery department is the most sophisticated department at Afghan Shifa Hospital . The department covers a great number of surgical interventions which are performed by qualified and experienced consultants covering all sub-Specialties.

  • ASH’s orthopedic department offers some of the most advanced private sector care in Afghanistan. We have a highly qualified team of orthopedic surgeons who are equipped with the most sophisticated top- notch technology and can determine the best procedure for all kinds of orthopedic problems.
    Our services include:

    • Trauma cases brought by ambulances
    • Joint replacements
    • Microsurgery
    • Pediatric orthopedic surgery

  • In accordance with the policies and procedures of ASH the urology division provides cost-effective skillful and innovative urological care in an optimal environment . We at ASH ’s Urology department can help with compassionate care for some of life’s most complicated and upsetting issues as per the policies of our hospital each procedure is not only innovative but also cot-effective . Our skillful surgeons are widely recognized for their expertise in laparoscopic and open surgery Our urology department is fully equipped to evaluate and treat a full range of issues and disorders.

  • The ENT department of ASH is equipeeed with the latest technologies to properly diagnose patients once the problem is successfully diagnosed we are ready to provide the best of surgical care.

  • With the latest technologies our hospital offers peadiatric surgical services in a vast range of surgeries selected and neonatal surgery Inguinal hernia and hydrocele surgery Hernia repair Laparoscopic nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy

Other Services

About Other Services

  • ASH ’s dental department is specialized in various aspects of dentistry every procedure is done by qualified doctors at a fully equipped dental clinic.

    • Implant
    • Orthodontics
    • Filling, scaling and whitening
    • Full crown and partial (porcelain, metal, gold and zirconia)
    • Artificial denture (fixed porcelain/ metal and removable)
    • Oral cavity surgery
    • Maxilla-facial surgery (trauma and fractures)

  • The department of emergency medicine at ASH is one of the best in Afghanistan . our highly skilled team Of trained surgeons, physicians and nurses provide treatment round the clock, seven days a week. The specialty of emergency medicine provides trauma and emergency services in most of the fields of medicine and surgery after an initial assessment; patients are cared based n the nature of the illness or injury. Those in life-threatening, critical-care situations are always given . Afghan shifa Hospital strives to provide the best top priority. We try our best to keep everyone apprised of an estimated time for treatment.

  • ASH provides diagnostic services using the cutting edge technology. We use the latest equipment to assess hematology, microbiology, immunology and chemistry. Our highly trained pathologists and lab technologists all adhere to our strict quality control program. Staff development is an on-going process in order to improve performance . all lab staff has one goal in mind The best quality services while protection or patient’s health and safety.

  • The radiology service is well-equipped to cater to a variety of patients and their radiological procedures. Round the clock service fulfills the needs of inpatients, outpatient and outside referrals by providing the best possible and modern diagnostic facilities. The diagnostic report is prepared by the qualified radiologist. The radiology department offers the following services:

    • Digital X-ray
    • Ultrasound
    • ECHO

  • ASH has a unique system for medication management among the healthcare organization in Afghanistan. The hospital has a big central pharmacy providing high quality medication service with affordable cost for both inpatient and outpatient departments. Our pharmacy is staffed by well-trained pharmacists providing accurate medication and high quality care for all outpatients and admitted patients

  • ASH ’s department of physiotherapy provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services assist adults and children in overcoming physical n, neurological and cognitive impairments, disabilities and handicaps. All physiotherapists work with an interdisciplinary team to restore physical functions, relive pain and minimize the psychological, social and vocational efforts of disability.

  • Our in-patient care is one of the best in Kabul offering admission facilities to patients in VIP rooms, private rooms, semi- private rooms and general wards. Built with a sole objective of giving maximum comfort and an environment of fast recovery, our patients feel like in a standard hotel once they get admitted in our airy, clean and spacious rooms In accordance with our philosophy of unparalleled in-patient care and our mission to provide high quality patient focused care, and a practice model aimed at promoting wellness and a general improvement in the health of the people Afghanistan, the in-patient care at afghan shifa hospital has set a high priority in providing quality care. We believe that patients have the right to expect safe, competent individualized care, from admission up to and including discharge.

  • ICU has been playing a key role since its inception. this department encompasses two main units the surgical intensive care unit (SICU) and medical intensive care unit (MICU). SICU hosts major surgical patients such as those general and urological surgeries. Toghether with major surgeries this unit also admits patients with major head trauma or multiple traumas. MICU patients are those with system failures or impairment such as liver cell failure, renal failure and respiratory failure. Both units have 24 hours physician coverage as well as trained nurses whose sole concern is for their patients’ health and well-being both units are fully equipped with top-notch technology for full monitoring including monitoring of cardiac output.

  • Fully equipped with the cutting-edge technology and staffed by qualified and trained staff, ASH ’s 1 operating Room is operational round the clock to manage elective and trauma surgeries. In the next year operating room for cardiac surgeries will also be operational for performing open-heart and by-pass surgeries.

  • ASH takes the privacy of medical information seriously. We are required by law to keep health information confidential, secure and private. The health information service provides 24 Hours professional support services for patient health information by timely record retrieving and maintenance of confidential medical records. The patient health record is securely maintained at hospital and provided to doctors for follow-up Consultation.


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